My visit at “North of the sun”

March 25, 2014
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March 25, 2014 Georg Krewenka

During my visit at the Lofoten early 2014 I ran across a story about two guys who settled down at a northern beach called Kvalvika. They stayed at this beach during winter 2010 to surf and live a simple life. As shelter against cold and unfriendly weather they built up a house out of natural materials and trash they collected on the beach.


So I decided to take a walk and have a look at “their” beach. After a hike through the vast Norwegian landscape I found their hut hidden behind a giant boulder. As I went inside and sat down I could almost feel the presence of these two guys. They had put a trendemorous effort into building up a charming little hut. I couldn’t imagine the challenge to live and work here for up to 9 months without any direct sunlight for quite some time as they were there during winter.

Back home I bought their movie and watched it together with my family. We saw a funny but also very engaging movie. We were shocked about the amount of trash they carried together. Recalling the time I had at this beach (without almost any trash now) it makes me sad how careless some people life their life by polluting our planet.


But it also motivated me to have a closer look which kind of trash I’m able to avoid. So whenever it’s possible I try to avoid buying plastic bottles now and use my refillable metal water bottle instead.


Have look at their movie and support them by buying their movie. (trailer at the bottom!)


Hidden behind a giant boulder is the hobbit-like entrance to the incredible hut

Inside the hut


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